Kleinschnittgerwerke ltd 
   Arnsberg  (Westfalen, Germany)
In post-war Germany Paul Kleinschnittger designed a mini roadster (without doors!), the Kleinschnittger F 125. Between 1950 and 1957 the 50 workers of his plant in Arnsberg i.W. manufactered in 1992 vehicles altogether, sold at a price of 2375,- DM a car in 1953. Comfort was limited to the most essential things: two seats, a convertible hood, a 125 ccm engine, originally designed for a motorbike yielding 5 hp - an umbrella on wheels. A man-powered starter, no electric wipers, no heating, no reverse. The F125 (114 inches long, 46 inches wide) weight with its aluminium body only 360 pounds, so you could get out and push it back. 
This simple car had a maximum speed of 45 mph, nevertheless it was the dream of the common man The excellent road holding and the advantages of the front wheel drive where documented in many successes in motor sport events. 
Production of the F125 had to be discontinued in 1957: the car was no longer up-to-date, and although a follow-up model had already been designed its serial production failed because of  lack of financial means. Bankruptcy could not be avoided. 
Paul Kleinschnittger succeeded, however in purchasing the available spare parts, thus securing the supply with this parts. Right up to his death Kleinschnittger took care of 'his' cars and he was a welcomed guest at the meetings of minicars that took place at the museum for minicars in Bockenem-Störy.